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Below there are some of the websites that I have designed during the time at Pinkstone Advertisement Agency and at the Graphic & Web Design Master. A part from the ones that I show here, I worked and developed others.


Design: Branding website design with different sections.
Client: LMGroup
Aim: Branding and information of the automation and logistic solutions that LMGroup offers to their clients to improve and enhance their business benefits. LMGroup is a B2B website. LMGroup is a small business with big valued clients and international projects which is looking for to boost the business through their online visibility. The website has a job board and examples of the case-studies.
LMGroup is built in WordPress.


Design: Web design and development of business directory and a Marketplace.
Client: Talaverazon
Aim: T0 develop 2 main functionalities. On the one side, to build a business directory for Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) which shows business and contact info. The info shown on the business page depends on the plan chosen by the owner. The more they pay, the more info is shown and best SEO is done.
On the other side, at the Marketplace, Talaverazon offers the possibility to publish and sell products from different business, being the own sellers who manage the online shop under the domain and conditions of Talaverazon who offers them more visibility.

Talaverazon is a website built in two different CMS. The business directory and the branding have been developed in WordPress and the Marketplace in Prestashop.

Jump Club Trampoline Park

Design: Web design and development of an online shop
Client: Jump Club
Aim: Attractive brand design for the advertisement of the new trampoline park in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid). This park is focused for every kind of public, from the youngest of the house with the Baby Jump room till employees from a business department who can have fun and enjoy carefree.
These website has got an online shop in order to sell the tickets and book them through an external software.
Jump Club Trampoline Park has been developed in WordPress with Woocommerce.

Your hospitality machinery

Design: Web design and development of an online marketplace shop for different vendors
Client: Your hospitality machinery
Aim: Brand design with development of a marketplace for selling industrial machinery for the bigger hospitality business. In the shop, the products are categorized and linked to different vendors/suppliers who apply their own offers and discounts to their products and who handle the preparation and delivery of the products.

Tumaquinariadehosteleria.es has been developed in WordPress with Woocommerce and developing the Marketplace with the Vendors plugin.

Shop Finca La Estacada

Design: Web design and development of an online shop in a multisite wordpress
: Finca La Estacada
Aim: Design of the online shop for the Finca La Estacada complex, this is the first part of the new design of their website. This shop just include wines and experiences sales. These website has been developed in a multisite because the client request an independent management of the shops/products with different payment gateways.
Shop Finca La Estacada has been developed in a multisite WordPress with Woocommerce.

Bogar Gourmet

Design: Web design and development of the online shop.
Client: Bogar Gourmet
Ain: Web design and development of the shop in order to sell the products in Spain and Europe.
Bogar Gourmet has been developed in Prestashop with a blog in WordPress.