CFG Rebranding


Design: Branding corporative

BrandClub Financiero Génova

Objective: Update the Genova’s Club Brand and unify its corporate style building a brand design for the documentation and its public image.

The Club Financiero Genova is close to the 50th anniversary. This club was born in 1972 taking the English traditional gentlemen’s club as reference. The essence of this places was to do business in relaxing environments.

This clubs were places to be relaxed and doing sport, where partners had fun and make new relations.

In 1972, these idea was brought to Madrid, where a relaxing place to make business and meet important people was completely necessary.

From the beginning to nowadays, the brand has suffered different little variations in its logo in order to keep its essence. At the same time, the statutes have been updated to the circumstances.

In accordance with all of this, the Club Financiero Génova needed a rebranding and unification of its style. In order to get the idea and after analysing the club, we have modified its logo and built a fully detailed brand image.

We have  done this rebranding for the CFG and for its most special place, the SkyClub, designing for it a second logo related to the main one.

The Club Financiero Genova’s Corporative Handbook below: