Flyer Smart


Design: Promotional/Informative Flyer

Brand: Smart

Objective: Design a flyer in order to promote the new EQ fortwo electric car. This design was developed in January 2019, a month after the beginning of Madrid Central, what means that thousands of cars wouldn’t be allowed to move in the center of Madrid in order to reduce pollution. The main aim of this flyer is the promotion of Smart for those commuters who couldn’t use their cars or they would be looking for take advantage of the size and the functionality of Smart as well as the compromise to stop the Climate Changing.

In conclusion, these is the reason to vinculate 2 brands and 2 products that walk together to reduce pollution and improve our life quality.
The main product is Smart which is hold by Madrid Central.

Target: This product is for any student or worker resident in Madrid. It is a vehicle for everyone, to go to work, to take your children to school, to go shopping… To sum up, for every single movement that you could need and where you wanted to collaborate with the nature.