Ready to Go!


Magazine’s name: Ready to go!

Content: Informative magazine that collects the issues and steps to follow when someone wants to emigrate to a different country. Information about tourism places is also exposed in this magazine. Interviews from people who have lived these experience before and they tell their own stories.

This is the Number 0 of recurrent publications that will inform about different countries where people can emigrate for a while or for good in order to live a different experience.

Publications in the first year of Ready to Go!:

  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
Mapa de Europa

Target: Young people who just graduated and they don’t find a job in their cities or even in Spain. On the other side, it can be useful for those who want to live a different work experience far away from Spain.

Distribution: Magazine distributed all around the country, specially close to Universities and colleges.

Price: These magazine is free due to the target which have economic difficulties, unemployed people or with precarious employment. Incomes from publicity will be in charge of support the magazine.

Points of sell: Printed versions will be available in Book Shops and kiosks and digital option on online platforms as Issuu or Calaméo. These websites make easier for consumers to have it and read at every single moment.

Format: 170x240mm. This size is easy to handle for readers without forget the importance of images.

Papers: Ready to Go! will be printed in offset to transmit quality, elegance and reliability. An uncoated paper is the proper one for long texts because our sight gets less tired with an unbrilliant paper. Furthermore, an uncoated paper makes easier to read outside under the sunlight.